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Denver Arts and Venues’ Denver Music Advancement Fund Awarding $80,000 to Support Denver’s Music

Take Note Colorado partner, Denver Arts and Venues, Denver Arts and Venues logothrough their Denver Music Advancement Fund, will provide $80,000, up to $7,500 per grant, to support Denver’s music ecosystem, including musicians and leaders in businesses, government, nonprofits, and educational institutions to advance music-centric initiatives that advance music through the following core areas:

  • Integration – Increase creative activities and participation in daily life
  • Amplification – Celebrate history, emerging art forms and maximizing partnerships beyond Denver
  • Accessibility – Achieve inclusivity of cultural offerings for all
  • Lifelong Learning – Increase exposure, appreciation and participation through lifelong education
  • Nurturing Local Talent – Cultivate and build Denver’s diverse creative professionals
  • Economic Vitality – Fuel creatives as an essential component of Denver’s thriving economy
  • Collective Leadership – Lead cultural development through shared commitment, resources and cross-sector partnerships

Proposals are due August 10, 2018. Read more about the submission process, eligibility and more, as well as download the application at

Launched in 2018 the Denver Music Advancement Fund will be piloted over the next three years with investment from Arts & Venues to demonstrate long-term financial and partnership opportunities to ensure that music continues to drive economic vibrancy, create a more resilient and connected city, and catalyze reinvestment in the community.

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