Vision and Goals

Take Note Colorado envisions a state
where all K‑12 students throughout Colorado,
in public, private, charter, home school and juvenile detention facilities,
have access to musical instruments and instruction.

How will Take Note Colorado move the needle on this goal?

Raising Funds & Hosting Signature Events

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By raising funds and hosting signature music events that build community to meet the Governor’s vision.

Connecting and Catalyzing

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By serving as a connector and convener to catalyze the efforts of musicians, music education providers, schools, citizens and businesses

Researching the Current State of Music Education

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By researching and better understanding the current state of music education across Colorado, Take Note Colorado will work to provide tools and resources that will help communities mobilize solutions that best address the music education needs specific to their schools and students.

Access to Instruments and Instruction


By helping to provide access to musical instruments and instruction for every K‑12 student throughout the state

Why is this particularly relevant in the state of Colorado?

Music is a huge part of the spirit and cultural identity of Colorado, not to mention a key component to our thriving economy.

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Arts Engagement

Colorado took top spots in a 2016 National Endowment of the Arts arts-engagement study.

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64.6% Perform or Create Art

In fact, Colorado ranked No. 1 in the percentage of residents who personally perform or create artworks, with 64.6 percent of adults.

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Vibrant and Diverse Music Festival Scene

Colorado has a vibrant and diverse music festival scene that regularly draws visitors from around the world. Jobs in music festivals in Colorado have increased 70% since 2011.

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Jobs and Revenue

The Colorado Music Industry is the largest in the Rocky Mountain West:

There are 12,526 jobs in music in Colorado, with one of every 440 Coloradans working in music-related jobs

Music generates $1.8 billion in annual revenue in Colorado


Colorado Music Strategy

Take Note Colorado plays a part in the over-arching Colorado Music Strategy, the first of its kind all-encompassing statewide strategy to increase revenue for Colorado-based musicians and music-related businesses while also raising Colorado’s music scene profile within the state and around the world. Colorado Music Strategy is a public-private initiative of Colorado Creative Industries and Bohemian Foundation; both organizations’ executive directors serve on Take Note’s Steering Committee, ensuring alignment between the two initiatives.