Our Approach


"By serving as Colorado’s music education ambassadors, Take Note aims to galvanize local communities to work alongside us in support of music for K‑12 students."

The Challenge

While Colorado has strong music education programs statewide, not all students have access to instruments and instruction.  Even in districts with exemplary music educational resources, a majority of students at the middle and high school grades are not accessing music instruction, and elementary students frequently do not have access to instruments.  Additionally, approximately 170 schools statewide offer no music education opportunities for its students.

Pilot Year Discovery

As a new initiative, Take Note Colorado has identified specific school districts and schools, where we can reach large numbers of students, to partner with in our pilot year. We are looking to build up schools’ inventory of instruments, where needed, and ensure that when students are interested in taking up an instrument, there is a means to providing the educational resources and loan of an instrument from a school or provider’s inventory.

Five pilot school districts selected were based on their geographic diversity (rural, urban, Western Slope, Eastern Plains, Denver Metro) and size (ranging from three schools to 47).

These districts are collaborating with Take Note Colorado to understand the local dynamics of music education for their students and how best to mobilize resources to meet the initiative’s objectives.

In addition to the pilot districts, Take Note Colorado, in partnership with the Colorado Department of Education, is identifying schools that self-report music not being a current school offering.  As we learn more from this pilot feasibility study about districts’ and schools’ needs, strengths, histories and cultures, we aspire to collectively identify solutions to provide access to musical instruments and instruction for all K‑12 students in Colorado.

Connecting communities and schools to serve music needs

To meet the needs identified, Take Note Colorado will look to make connections between the schools we’re serving and local, state and national nonprofits, funders and businesses. By serving as Colorado’s music education ambassadors, Take Note aims to galvanize local communities to work alongside us in support of music for K‑12 students.

Additionally, the Aspen Community Foundation has joined our movement as a regional partner.  In support of their Cradle to Career initiative to provide opportunities for access to safe and enriching programming for children ages 0-18 from Aspen to Parachute, Aspen Community Foundation is partnering with Take Note Colorado to expand access to musical instruments and instruction in their region. Through our partnership with Aspen Community Foundation, Take Note Colorado aims to develop a regional partnership template that can be replicated throughout the state utilizing community foundations as central hubs to galvanize and convene support to advance Take Note’s vision locally.