Frequently Asked Questions

What is Take Note Colorado?

Take Note Colorado is a statewide initiative to provide access to musical instruments and instruction to every K‑12 student in Colorado.

Is Take Note Colorado a governmental agency?

No.  Take Note Colorado is an initiative that was conceived by Governor Hickenlooper but is housed under the newly-formed 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Colorado Music Coalition.  We are not a governmental agency nor an endowed foundation. Grants that we administer are from funds that Take Note Colorado raises through our fundraising activities.

How does my school or district apply for funding?

Take Note Colorado does not have an application process for funding requests.  As a new initiative, Take Note Colorado is identifying specific districts and schools to partner with in our pilot year.  Five school districts and some specific schools, geographically spread throughout the state, have been selected to be our partners for this upcoming school year (17/18).

What is Take Note’s approach to funding?

Five school districts were selected as Take Note partners in our pilot year, based on their geographic location and unique qualifiers that we believe will help guide our future work with other districts. In addition to the pilot districts, Take Note Colorado, is working with schools identified outside of the pilot districts that may not have music as on ongoing offering for their students.

As we learn more from the districts and schools about their needs, their strengths, their histories and cultures, we aspire to collectively identify solutions to provide access to musical instruments and instruction for all K‑12 students in Colorado. To meet the needs identified, Take Note Colorado will look to make connections between the schools and local, state and national nonprofits, funders and businesses. By serving as Colorado’s music education ambassadors, Take Note aims to galvanize communities to work alongside us in support of music for K‑12 students.

Do you fund nonprofit music education providers and independent music instructors?

Yes, if identified as the appropriate solution to fill the individualized needs of our school partners, we will fund nonprofit music education providers, pilot districts, schools and independent music instructors.

We also encourage nonprofit providers to be partners in providing resources to fill the needs limiting access to musical instruments and instruction for Colorado’s students.

We do not accept unsolicited grant applications or funding requests.

Do you accept used instrument donations?

Unfortunately, we do not have the infrastructure in place to be able to accept and refurbish used instrument donations. However, please periodically check our Music Match page (launching in January 2018) to review the needs that districts and schools identify, as they may be seeking used instruments from individuals directly.

Also, we strongly encourage you to participate in Bringing Music to Life’s annual instrument drive. Each March, the organization collects donated instruments, then repairs and awards them to Colorado schools that submit applications online. In 2017, 53 schools received an average of 12 instruments each from Bringing Music to Life. The 2018 drive is set for March 5-17. For more information, visit


How can my child get an instrument to play?

Take Note Colorado aims to provide access to musical instruments to Colorado’s students.  We have initially started by working in Districts and specific schools, where we can reach large numbers of students. are looking to build up schools’ inventory of instruments, where needed, and ensure that when students are interested in taking up an instrument, there is a means to providing the educational resources and loan of an instrument from a school or provider’s inventory.

Your child’s music teacher may also know of local resources that s/he can share with you.

How can my band get a Take Note Colorado gig?

If you’re a musician/band and are interested in donating your talent to our local communities, please drop us a line and provide us with info and a sample of your music. You can also put on your own benefit concert raising funds for music education. Our desire is to connect our local musicians to our local communities –all in support of music education and instruments for students.
Musicians can also lend their talent inside the classroom. Contact your local schools directly to see if they have needs you could fill.

How does Take Note Colorado partner with music venues or music festivals?

We encourage music venues to partner with their local communities and identify ways that together they can support the vision of Take Note Colorado.  Consider donating your venue rental fees so that schools or nonprofits can showcase talent or put on a fundraiser. 

Be a Take Note Colorado ambassador and share our vision.  Spread awareness about Take Note’s goals from the stage.  Provide a table at your festival or event so that our street team volunteers can let festival- and concert-goers know more about how they can help raise the roof on music education. Designate a stage as a Take Note Colorado stage and offer time slots for student performances.  Be creative!

Are there any job openings at Take Note Colorado?

Take Note Colorado is operated almost entirely by volunteers and has the benefit of one shared staff member. Currently, we are hiring for a contractual Bookkeeper/"Virtual" Office Manager. See here for more information and how to apply.

How can I volunteer?

Take Note Colorado has needs for volunteers for project work and events on occasion. Please submit an interest inquiry on our Connect page to learn more about current volunteer needs.