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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Take Note is not a governmental agency nor an endowed foundation. Take Note Colorado is an initiative that was conceived of by former-Governor Hickenlooper but is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Grants administered are from funds that Take Note Colorado raises through our fundraising activities.

Take Note Colorado will be accepting applications for a new grant program starting Sept. 27, 2021. To apply for funding, see Grants.

Are there other opportunities besides the grant program for funding through Take Note?" Answer is: The Take Note Colorado Grant Program is the only funding mechanism we have currently. We partner with and fund community-based organizations, musicians, businesses, and other entities based on learnings from prior partnerships and the unique needs of each county, and region. We consistently evolve our approach to ensure that Take Note is effective in increasing equitable access to musical instruments and instruction for Colorado youth. Beyond the grant program, we do not accept unsolicited requests for funding.

Please see Grants to find out if you, your organization, or project are eligible to apply.

Unfortunately, we do not have the infrastructure in place to be able to accept and refurbish used instrument donations. However, please periodically check our Music Match page to review the needs that districts and schools identify, as they may be seeking used instruments from individuals directly.

Also, we strongly encourage you to participate in Bringing Music to Lifes annual instrument drive. Each March, the nonprofit organization collects donated instruments, then repairs and awards them to Colorado schools that submit applications online.

Take Note Colorado does not distribute instruments to individuals, but your child’s music teacher may also know of local resources that s/he can share with you. Take Note works in districts and schools, where we can reach large numbers of students. By providing instruments to schools’ inventory, more students who are interested in learning an instrument are able to do so.  

Take Note Colorado is operated almost entirely by volunteers. In an effort to distribute more of the funds raised to benefit students, Take Note Colorado does not have any immediate plans to increase staffing.

Take Note Colorado has needs for volunteers for project work and events on occasion. Please submit an interest inquiry on our Connect page to learn more about current volunteer needs.

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