About Us

What is Take Note Colorado?

Take Note Colorado is a statewide initiative to provide access to musical instruments and instruction to every K‑12 student in Colorado. We create this access by raising funds, connecting communities to music resources, and raising awareness of the importance of student-centered and culturally-relevant music instruction. Take Note Colorado exists in recognition that music is a vital part of a well-rounded, vibrant education.

How did Take Note Colorado get started?

Take Note Colorado took root and launched in January 2017 after Governor John Hickenlooper convened musician, Isaac Slade, philanthropists Libby Anschutz of The Anschutz Foundation and Pat Stryker and Cheryl Zimlich of Bohemian Foundation, and his Senior Advisor, Jamie Van Leeuwen, to set forth on his vision to provide access to musical instruments and instruction to every K‑12 student in the state of Colorado. Intrigued this founding group recruited additional members of the music industry, Chuck Morris of AEG Presents and Chris Tetzeli of 7S Management, to help make the Governor’s vision a reality.


Who is driving Take Note Colorado?

Ensuring our students get the opportunity to experience and play music is a fulfillment of the cultural spirit of our great state, as well as a crucial investment in the continued growth of our thriving arts economy.

Under the leadership of co-chairs Governor John Hickenlooper and Isaac Slade, lead singer of The Fray, Take Note Colorado is an initiative built on the belief that we can all play a role in bringing music into the lives of students. Other steering and committee members include: musicians, philanthropists, music industry leaders, community and nonprofit leaders and representatives from the government. Supporters include thousands of Coloradoans who believe firmly in the power of music to change lives and drive positive social change. Together, all of us can contribute to a future where access to music is a reality for every K‑12 student.

To learn more about Take Note Colorado, visit our FAQ section.

Photo credit: John Cutaia