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Virtual Modern Band Trainings


This hands-on course serves as an introduction to Modern Band and the Music as a Second Language pedagogy. This course covers the basic core values of Music Will (formerly Little Kids Rock); how we teach music making, improvisation, and composition by getting our students into a comfort zone using student-centered instruction, approximation, and scaffolding, the basic tenets of Music as a Second Language. Participants are introduced to the instruments of Modern Band and will learn the basics of guitar, keyboard, drums, vocals, bass, and technology. Participants will also use their new musical skills to compose and perform an original song in a collaborative setting.


  • VMB 101 (3 consecutive sessions): 11/9, 11/12, and 11/16 from 7:00-9:00PM MST. Sign up here.
  • VMB 101 (1 session): 11/14 from 9:00AM-4:00PM MST. Sign up here.
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