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Take Note Colorado Music Meet-Ups Present their 2020 Series: Building an Inclusive Music Community 


The Take Note Colorado Meetup series is for anyone supporting school-age students with music, whether in the classroom or in the community. It will feature guest speakers discussing the question, “How do we build a truly inclusive music community?” You will hear from artists, classroom teachers, and community leaders. You’ll also have time to discuss with your inspiring colleagues from across the state, as we seek to make concrete steps towards this challenging and essential goal. Each 90 minute meet-up will be facilitated by Mary Claxton (Senior Developer of Curriculum Programs, Little Kids Rock) and include: a brief music-making activity, breakout discussions, presentation/performance, and Q&A.


Music Meetup #1: Meet, Greet, & Think

Wednesday, October 14th, 7-8:30PM MST

We will engage in small group discussions and share ideas and questions around the idea of what it means for our music community to be truly inclusive particularly during this time of virtual and/or in-person learning.

Register here.


Remaining dates are November 30, January 14, March 3rd, and May 6th (of 2021).

Details and sign-up links will be provided here when they are made available.

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